13 January 2011

I am taking a Web Design Class... Can't you tell by the centering of my blog posts!!!

I would like to say I love assymertical things..

Can you guess what I did yesterday?

This photo was the best part of that day.

Now that school has started I have been counting my blessings in different ways.

Don't judge.

It's Nice That there are only 24 hours in a day.

It's Nice That falling asleep just happens.

It's Nice That I forgot to layer my clothing before I walk out the warm house.

It's Nice That that there will always be a list of things to do

The SHOULD DO List gets longer while

The MUST DO is doing okay..

The NEED is tangled in the Must.

The WANT TO is overwhelmingly filled up..inside my head.

Blogging didn't even make the list....so how is this so....

Miracles Happen when you believe

It's Nice That I'm alive.