17 January 2011

K J Textiles

My sisters are amazing.

I have 6 of them.

We are all different.

I am the super messy room girl,

that memorizes scriptures,

still owns a prank phone call voice

and gives extra attention to boys between the ages of 22 and 34.

The sister

I would like to showcase is Sister # 7.

Karlee June

She is the baby of us ladies and the most.....intuitively creative.

She married an Elder from my mission, which I love.

She makes these cute purses and welcomes commissioned work.

This mini shoot was done with Liz.

We made a set, Whimsical Headband

and K J Textiles.

We dye fabric together.. Our collaborations will bless your life...

so prepare yourself.

Watch for more to come.

Love ya Karl.