19 January 2011

A free giveaway..

for a chance to win a Whimsical Headband

Follow The Shine Project Blog HERE

by Ashley Lemieux

She is a headband fan and follower of Whimsical Headbands

So follow this blog and invite your friends...

Head over to Ashley's blog. It's filled with tutorials and

many other yummy things.

Ashley was actually one of the first women

I gave a "giveaway" to, so it only seems

appropriate that we pay it forward again.

The best way to check out the newest collection

Whimsical Headbands by Jenfolio.com

Be Whimsical

To keep up to date with the photo shoots

and art related goodness here, its my artist page.



This giveaway will actually be a grab bag surprise.

But here is a forestate of similar items found inside: