23 October 2011

What is love?

Q: What is love?

It is when you have someone in your mind.
~Caroline, age 7

Love is when two people really, really, really like each other.
~Olive, age 6

A hug and a kiss.
~Peter, age 4

I don’t know … umm i think it’s a duck.
~Lily, age 4

Go to sleep, wake up, and laugh.
~Layla, age 2

I don’t know. I just don’t know.
~Naden, age 9

Marriage, sweethearts, and Valentine’s Day.
~Brooklyn, age 10

Q: How do you know when two people are in love?

Because they get married! They love each other because they just love each other.
~Lily, age 4

Because my heart is growing.
~Evan, age 4

They go on dates. They are together a lot. A lot.
~Carly, age 6

When you like someone and they like you back.
~Avery, age 7

You have to kiss them and then they marry each other.
~Abby, age 4

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