21 February 2012

harlem's hallway

I met her in September, a week after I moved to the East Coast.

We talked for a few minutes and clearly felt that we needed to stay in touch with each other.

And so we did. Which actually meant we exchanged phone numbers and

facebook information and did not talk for months.

Nothing. But we both realized the connection made.

We valued the same things. 

Months past and we both began to live our own lives.

I begin dating a guy and so did she.

Months progressed and my relationship ended.

I visited with her again, the second weekend in February.

We hadn't spoken for months,

but seemingly our connection was still intact.

This wasn't new to me but it was definitely refreshing.

I spent the weekend in her neck of the woods;


As I entered her apartment building,

 a grin grew from one ear to another.

This felt like home, but how could this be,

I had never been here before.

We climbed three flights of stairs and entered her apartment.

The entrance was narrow and verved to the right.

I passed a shelf that displayed a copy of the Book of Mormon

and a photograph of my favorite temple located in Mesa, Arizona.

The hallway leading to every bedroom in the house was straight and narrow,

it was lined with beautiful hardwoods floors 

and reached the height of  twelve feet. 

And all I thought about was the straight and narrowness of its nature.

I had never been here before.

And aside from attending the Manhattan Temple

and YSA ward in Stamford, Connecticut,

I had never felt so at home since I 

moved to New York City.

That weekend I spent discussing matter that were so

much greater than me, than my freshly singularity.

They pertained to obtaining happiness

not only in this life and the next life.

It seems I knew this all along, but had forgotten repeatedly.

These words, this blog is dedicated to that weekend where everything made sense to me again.

These words, this blog is dedicated to all of you who believe that light does attract light.

These words, this blog is dedicated to all of you who believe that you can become better in life

simply by placing yourself in situations and in environments with people

who literally make you want to be a better you.

The only person you should compare yourself to is the old you,

and this blog is dedicated to you, the old you, the new you, 

and most importantly the real you, which you may not even know yet.

These words, this blog is dedicated to this journey.