14 February 2012

ventral tegmental area

Upon somewhat mutual agreement, 

my most recent relationship with a boy 

ended last week.

and somehow I am still in love with life.

Enduring situations that don't not go the way you thought,

or end the way you expected happen to us all the time.

But it seems this type of adversity has never truly

kept me on the ground.

I love a burpee for the simple truth that I 

know I'm hitting the ground and getting right 

back up, over and over again.


Today's is Valentine's Day.

The day of love according to the world...

Then why am I so darn happy, if according to the standards of the

world, today should be that day of single awareness.

You know the one.. where you look for any type of 

emotional cave or crawl space to climb into.

For me, I don't progress that well,

I'm taller for a girl, only almost 5'8,

my body doesnt bend the way it used to,

and when it does, I can't hold a position 

long enough that doesnt cause pain,

from the simple release of that position.

I guess my body shape and size is not the real reason,

I don't seek and hide from days of celebration.

 So why would I celebrate it,

Well, I actually can't help it and wouldn't

want to. I'm wired that way.

so lets talk about love according to the brain.

The human brain can be catergorized into

different compartments, areas....


ventral tegmental area

This is the dopamine area

where we experience intense feelings

and emotions... even those of "love"

Dopamine is sent to many brain regions,

it works as a stimulatant.

We experience so many emotions through the release of dopamine.

And some doctors have said that this can drive a person to find their mate,

their mate for life.  

So it really isn't always about the heart then is it.

The VTA is located at the base of the brain, sort of in the center.

To me, it seems its protected by all the other areas of the brain...


But what about your heart pounding and butterflies in your stomach..

These are from the chemical in your body called


So when you can't get this person off your mind,

you cant blame it on your heart

but your level of dopamine and Norepinephrine in your brain.