27 October 2012

Once upon a time I went a whole year without buying clothes.

When you go on a shopping spree, do you think about the Lord

and all he has provided for you. I certainly don't.

I also haven't been on a shopping spree in years.

I went a whole year without buying clothes.

So when I spend money now,

it's usually on: food,

and flights to visit exotic places.

I justify my purchases like anyone, but something interesting happened

as I was reading the words of the prophets...

Here's the thought:

Think about the Lord, Think about this quote next time 

you go shopping for clothes..

Robert E. Wells
“To be poor in spirit means to be humble, teachable, contrite, meek, obedient. As the Phillips Modern Translation states, the meek are those who ‘know their need for God.’ To be poor in spirit is to recognize that we are not self-sufficient spiritually (or materially, for that matter), but rather that we are always in debt to our Heavenly Father, from who all blessings flow. In fact, our posture before our God is as the needy, even as beggars. President Harold B. Lee spoke on this subject in the following way:

“To be poor in spirit is to feel yourselves as the spiritually needy, even dependent upon the Lord for your clothes, your food, the air you breathe…It is indeed a sad thing for one, because of his wealth or learning or worldly position, to think himself independent of this spiritual need. [Poor in spirit] is the opposite of pride or self-conceit. To the worldly rich it is that ‘he must possess his wealth as if he possessed it not’ and be willing to say without regret, if he were suddenly to meet financial disaster, as did Job, The Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord (Job 1:21). (Stand Ye in Holy Places, pp. 343-4)” (Robert E. Wells, The Mount and the Master, pp. 4-5)

 even dependent upon the Lord for your clothes

Why are we asked to do this?

To keep up poor in spirit and humble.

To keep his as His and to belong to

no one else.

I am sure this thought could go much deeper, but I wanted to write it up before the thought escaped me.