20 October 2012

Rosemary, my memory.

How I feel about Rosemary:

I can't stop smelling it.

I poured it on my meat tonight.

drenched it actually.

When I smell it, the memory surfaces.

Rosemary has made a large


in my kitchen, in my recipes, and in my life.

Lets back up for a moment.

Here are some factual interesting thoughts

about Rosemary:

So how does Rosemary really become a parable...

Humans have long believed that rosemary can improve memory.....

Now think of that memory... That deep, heavy, detailed one.

You think about it alot....Hopefully it makes you smile..

And you catch yourself, adding your own current emotions and

thoughts to that lasting memory, just to keep it lingering.

Rosemary resonates with me, for both its connotations

 of funerals and

weddings.... Love and Death... Death and Love.

holding hands.

Rosemary can cure us... 
or at least improve us..

Ancient Greeks believed

 that Rosemary was a 

magical plant that 

could strengthen memory.

Dried, well-preserved

 Rosemary is able

 to retain most of the flavor and fragrance.

Overwatering is 

Rosemary's biggest enemy.

Rosemary is quite

 difficult to grow from seeds.

Rosemary is my memories, my favorite ones.

I'll strive my whole life to re create them, in my mind and in real life.

I hope my rosemary is everlasting.

I hope Rosemary does strengthen memories.