09 November 2012

Meekness, “More used would I be.”

"Meekness is one of the attributes of Deity." -Elder Neal A. Maxwell

The greek translation can be explained as gentle and humble.

In Preach my Gospel, Chapter 6, we learn of Christ like Attributes,

There is 9 listed, Meekness in not one of them.

For a moment I was confused where such a great characteristic

would not be listed.

But just as mentioned above, Meekness is one of the

attributes of Deity.

So this attribute is not just about Jesus Christ,

its about Heavenly father's nature too.

And it's about the Holy Ghosts' nature as well.


Elder Maxwell teaches us how important meekness is, for unto to meekness, all other 

attributes and characteristics can be born and developed.

Meekness also results in enhance our enjoyment of life.

So why would we not want to development more meekness?

"Agency is essential to perfectibility.

meekness is essential to the wise use of agency—

and to our recovery when we have misused our agency." -Elder Maxwell


So What does Meekness sound like?

Here are some examples I found:

“Here am I, send me.”

“take up [the] cross daily”


I am sure there are plenty more examples, as this is the beginning of my search.

People are are meek:

Because they make fewer demands of life, the meek are less easily disappointed. 

They are less concerned with their entitlements than with their assignments.

They  are not concerned with being pushed around, but are grateful to be pushed along.

They do not engage in shoulder-shrugging acceptance
 but in shoulder-squaring, 
in order that we might better bear the burdens of life and of our fellow beings.

They cope coping with the injustices of life.

They are less easily offended, 

but they are less likely to give offense to others.

the meek go on fewer ego trips, but they have far greater adventures.

They are less concern over being taken for granted,
 and more concern over being taken by the hand.

They are full of thoughtfulness.

 True meekness is never proud of itself, never conscious of itself.

Among the meek there is usually more listening and less talking.

the meek are able with regularity to peel off the encrustations of ego that form on one’s soul so relentlessly and persistently, like barnacles on a ship.

The meek are thus able to avoid the abuse of authority and power—a tendency to which, the Lord declared, “almost all” succumb. Except the meek.

 No wonder the Lord reveals His secrets to the meek, for they are “easy to be entreated.” (Alma 7:23.) 

Meekness sometimes means:

our hearts will be broken in order that 

they might be rebuilt.

be meekly drenched in destiny


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Meekness...Someone wise must have turned you on to that....