01 December 2012

Excerpts by Pres. Eyring: Deliverance

"The power of deliverance is available—
not to escape the test but to endure it well."

"The Savior’s Atonement 
and Resurrection
 give Him the power to deliver
 us in such a trial.
 Through His experience He came 
to know all our griefs. 
He could have known them by 
the inspiration of the Spirit. 
But He chose instead to know by
 experiencing them for Himself."

"The Lord always wants to lead us
 to deliverance through
 our becoming more righteous. 
That requires repentance.
 And that takes humility.
 So the way to deliverance always requires 
humility in order
 for the Lord to be able to lead us 
by the hand where 
He wants to take us through
 our troubles and on to sanctification."