29 July 2008

Mi FAmiliA

Not really an update. This is Logan...defying death as always

My grandparents and close family came over to eat cake, and naturally I decorated my own party

Which always creates Photo opps on Anna, Hollie's daughter, The Woodpile is the first thing she ran to when she got here.

Okay here is the real update. That is my 15yr old brother Alex..I KNOW ITS CRAZY

Her ballet slippers have never restricted her

This is Karlee and her eternal companion/Boyfriend/best friend/ an elder I served with in Arizona, Andrew Porter

Logan, Hollie's son, trying to take things apart as always.
Finals are done for the summer tomorrow. I'm displaying my jewelry at the Kimball Arts Center @ Weber State, so if you arent busy, head on over to Weber State, Wed. 6 to 9pm


Crabb Family said...

looks like a nice party..wish I could see some of your jewelry..you should post pics! :)