08 July 2008


My beloved Mac updates itself once a week. It is so obedient I thought I could follow it's example. and give you an update on me, but now that I am actually typing I doubt I can do it. I'm not as manually automatic as my mac. IT is consistent.
Yes, it is an It, only few things are gendered in my mind.
However in remembrance of my mission I did name my printer Tempe, but that still knows no gender.
It may or may not be a result of my enduring condition of trying to learn Spanish and continually getting thrown off because it is all male or female.
I like my Tempe printer, I got the idea from the state capitol.
The intern room had 4 printers and they all had names of trees, which helped me to remember not to waste paper.
Willow worked best for me.
Also, on my mission I was really hesitant to name the vehicles we drove but that didn't stop most sisters.
One car I drove was so called Ruth. But being the cold hearted even heartless sister I was, she was 000756, the last couple digits of the VIN. kidding, I shouldn't make jokes about the things tithing pays for.
And I felt bad for It, because if it was a her, she had been driven by elders for a while and those elders wore too much gel in their hair. Yes, now I'm painting the visual picture of a Toyota Carolla Head rest CRUSTY as I'll get out.
I was lucky I'm not a big car head rest type of person, is anyone? Pay attention next time you are driving.
Yep, the head rest in this car was all hard, crusty, maybe mildewy and stuff... so poor Ruth.
However, I do believe Mother Earth is who we say she is... learned that by studying the Plan of Salvation and the scriptures @ the Temple.
So if I am wrong in blogging that some objects are neither male nor female,
I expect
you worthy bloggeristics
to educate me.
I would dare say or even double dare write to the extent that it almost bugs me when people are giving gender identities to THINGS!

Wait, I just realized my computer is an apple which came from Mother EARTH!!! Maybe she is a girl after all.... See you guys!
NOW you know what I've been dealing with for the past 24 years 11 months and 15 days 4 hours.... (the cops pulled over my parents on their way to the hospital to have me, and that is where all this began)
That's my story and I'm stickin to it


Becky said...

Uh-oh. I'm one of those people who gives a gender to most everything. There's so science to it, it just seems obvious, I guess. Both of my cars in high school were she's. My computer is definitley a boy who's old but thinks he's cool.
Anyway, thanks for the update. You make me laugh.

Crabb Family said...

I didn't know you went on a mission! I am so out of the loop.. good for you! Congrats and completing it successfully! I did enjoy reading your blog and your latest adventures!

Josh and Ang for all time and Eternity said...

Wow!! It has been so long!!! You Look great!! I hope life is treating you great!! Keep in touch!!! I am so glad I found your blog!! Love the comments!!!

Wirthfam said...

Hi Jenny! Of course I remember you! How could I forget the girl who burned down her house and blamed it on her little bro. Hee- hee!

We just celebrated my dad's 75th b-day this past weekend & I hope to have pictures up soon so you'll have to check it out.

Josh and Ang for all time and Eternity said...

Jenny you are more than welcome to come and visit me anytime!! We love to have guest!! and we Love to travel and bring people a long!!! Since everything is so cheap like going to Italy for two of us cost us $70 for the flight!! Talk to you later!!

Blake and Kacie Bennett said...

Alska!? How fun. I have been in GA all last week, so I feel out of the loop. How is everything going? Text me or call me soon!