30 July 2008

Finalizing Finals

The Quimbaya civilization is a South American civilization, noted for its spectacular goldwork characterized by its technical accuracy and detailed designs

The majority of the goldwork is made in tumbaga alloy, with 30% copper, which gives to the pieces beautiful color tonalities. They inhabited the areas corresponding the modern departments of Quindío, Caldas and Risaralda in Colombia, around the valley of the Cauca river.

There is no clear data about when they were initially established but it is currently set round the first century B.C.
The quimbaya people reached their apogee of development during the 4th to 7th century A.C., period known as the Quimbaya Classic.

. Around the 10th century A.C. the Quimbaya culture disappeared entirely due to unknown circumstances; the studies of the archeological items points to an advanced cultural development and the political structure of a cacicazgo with separated groups dedicated to pottery, religion, trade, goldwork and war.

I finished and I can't believe how much work goes into jewelry making.... I will never own a Diamond....
After hearing about little africans kids and their relation to blood diamonds


Crabb Family said...

love that jewelry! Good job! I'm sure you got an A+!

Sister Jenny Hansen said...

he said I am not perfect!
haha, I love tha
t type of honesty in a teacher