13 October 2008


My homework was to take the shadows from my photo and make a portrait, I might as well live in a cave, because this homework thing is killing me socially.

So we will see what the teacher says

We had to make the fabric with our paint

It was intense and I'm so happy I'm done


Crabb Family said...

That is amazing you drew that!!

mike and maren said...

I post much worse of myself, so whenever you're feeling down, read my blog. Look at my pictures...etc. Besides, you are talented enough to be able to DO that in the first place. Way to go!

Jackie said...

Jenny Holy cow! Those are AMAZING! You cold seriously start a business selling those face ones....if they weren't TOO hard and tedious! :) (I'll be your first client if you ever think of doing it) ALSO, I'm craving to know what's GOING ON in your life???? Anything RESERVED or something like that! :) Vague enough I hope!?!? Oh and Wanna go to dinner sometime? I miss ya! (I'll leave Jess and kids home..don't worry! :) )

Erik and Candace said...

How in the world did you do that. You are one talented chick Jenny Hansen! I still didn't feel like I really 'caught' up with you at our card party so we need another one. Maybe after midterms, ehh?