18 October 2008

Recent purchase

I bought a house

And some burnt orange paint. my home was built 1892 and neighbors the Historic district here in Ogden.

I wanted to move out but have never rented...ever. It just didn't make sense in my mind. So I figured out my price range for a poor college student with low or little to none credit and

made an investment. Original windows, but mostly it needs love.

It's on an .25 of an acre. So I can't wait to Til the earth.

You will need to see it in person.

This was $5.00 paint and I have been buying home accessories for years, that interior designer in me. I hadn't match them up before.

but in design, you can trust your eyes... most of the time... Girls belong in this bathroom, Girls being pural means, I need roommates, so leave your husbands for regular dance parties,

Spinach omelets in the morning

Fresh tap water

noteworthy conversatons

The kitchen needs more cabinets but I was excited it was bare and not too over bearing...

it has a sweet green spirit! right?

So it is 3 bedrooms and one bath, half of the house was built with hard wood floors

So I can't decide about carpet.

I am impressed how large the closets are.

Okay so I really don't expect you to give up your wonderful marriage and kids but I am looking for roommate

Or a help meet. Help meet:Noun 1. helpmeet - a helpful partner
better half, married person, partner, spouse, mate - a person's partner in marriage

I mean this second room would make a perfect nursery

Okay well I will try to rent out the nursery to a girl, or use it to make my crafty cards... or my art projects for class.

There is alot of bare walls, after they are sanded down

I kinda want to do a mural or something fun.

This room is extra large with a walk in closet that was referred to as a second bedroom

so This is where I will be..maybe

White walls feel restricting to me and less personality

Everything kinda needs a personality in my life

What what is your favorite type of tree, what grows best. The yard needs me, but I'm committed.

There is a great tree house in the back

but the pine trees are coming down soon

I'm a tree hugger but these ones you can't hug

Working with very old iron

Tempted to flip it, but no plans

I wonder if Mary Poppins needs a roomy.
Email me if you know anyone, or they can email me


雪人 said...

That's a very nice house!

Becky said...

Can I come play in the treehouse??

kate d. said...

Home Owner?! I love the colors you have chosen. It looks like such a fun house. Old houses have so much charm. Way to go girl!

PS I checked out some of your "homework" on your facebook page and I love the stuff that you are doing! Totally jealous that you are going to school for this. Can't wait to see more :)

Katie said...

That's so awesome you bought a house! Some days I'd be tempted to leave these children and move in with you!! :) LOVE the paint that you have chosen. Good luck with the roommate search!

sydnee and brad said...

COOL!!!! oh my gosh i love it!!! congrats!

mike and maren said...

Fun - I love picking out paints. I just picked out a green for my kitchen...

Jackie said...

Jenny! HOly cow! YOu're a homeowner! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the colors! I need you to come over....my basement is like the lone and dreary world and it needs your touch. I've got the painting itch but don't know what color. Maybe I'll just steal one of yours...they look awesome!! I love color. Next card party is at your house! :) I promise, I will get to you about your email...I just need some time to write it...hopefully tonight when the kiddies are asleep! Where is your home!?!? Can't wait to see it....I'll start looking for your house warming gift!