08 October 2008


my mom had a class with "p" while I was on my mission. one of his best friends eats sunday dinner with our families on sunday.
He called me, and we had a good talk, but I don't think I should post anymore crush worthy notes on here for fear of scaring him away or rejection. although those two things happen often and I'm used too, my real concern is that there is about 14 other girls on the other end of this rejection, non bloggers I've told (yes even you blog readers and maybe even AjKb). So I am inviting all of you to become 1% less interested in me and him and if you were never interested that is perfect! You know become less invested by choice. I like to consider it a healthy form of preparedness.

I still crush him, but the connection we have socially denotes the rate of him stumbling upon this blog way too high ( and I continue to write that) So I'm nervous for tomorrow, i can't lie.

Maybe what I really meant to blog was if you mess with one, you mess with the whole family, and not I'm Italian

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Anonymous said...

i just wanted to say that i love you and think you are a rockstar :)