22 November 2008

An urge of explaination of thoughts

A baby doll

This is my gorgeous niece. Born two months ago.

I appreciate my crush post being received so well by you guys. I think it sometimes gave me that extra umph to produce more note worthy experiences.
At the time of that post I had no reservations about Handsome guy, even though I knew he had a "previous commitment" that at the time wasn't able to completely commit to. It didn't really feel like that when I was around him.
The course has changed and become more scenic which has left me wondering about which turn I may take. I love long drives, but not when it's involuntary.
But because you were so invested in at least that post. And i feel like I only get to communicate through blogging with some of you. I need to respond.
In order of the comments posted, mainly because it would be a conversation unfinsihed, and we all know that ain't my style:

I loved your legit comment about knowing about facebook and maybe reading this blog. I knew I had to be committed in a degree to be able to post my crush thoughts. But it was a way to let go of reservation without knowing the outcome. And I grew and I couldn't have asked for more.

laurasheridan: I am grateful you are always looking out for my welfare. about the soccer cleats. Handsome guy made a joke when we were on the phone, he was at the mall and said: "Oh I should see if they have soccer cleats ON SALE" Capitalized is the red flag. Many elements of unsurety. I want a guy that wants the best cleats. Kangaroo leather. Something that stands the test of time..right?

Amy-Queen of Kings: I felt your investment and joy. But you must tell me when you don't feel right. There is a lot to be said about the way you feel as you read, especially through the computer screen. I loved your counsel. (Side note: they make computers for the blind,, a Brail screen. A blind man in Arizona read the Book Of Mormon off the screen and felt the spirit as his fingers ran over the words of truth)

Rogers: When dealing with boys or men, I do believe in the Law of Compensation. A good song for cleats would take a lot of faith building on my part.

kelsie: I don't have requirements when looking for a helpmeet to co-exist with. However I know exactly what I DONT WANT and I stay very far away from any one related to that list.

Stacie Marietti: Aside all aspects I know I needed to meet to learn about reservations.

Karen: I miss you two.

Becky: How romantical is being yourself? If only we could have understood this in the beginning of our crushing days.

It's Me...shell: getting new crushes is fun and refines our own skills to be crushable. Thanks for your words!

Cate and Kory: You just to travel this crush path with me. It seemed you were there helping me define what to do and what not to do and when we couldn't decide, we would just prank phone our old crushes. Help me learn to live again!

kristine: Because you are one of my converts. i have a special place in my hearts for your words of wisdom and you know me well, to speak in biblical words that I may gain a testimony of your counsel. we all know I am solely attracted to things that bear fruit and only things that bear fruit consistently. I like it fresh from the vine.

Lisa: I am sure your crushes are way more juicy than mine. none the less it was refreshing to hear from you and I can't wait til December!

carmar76: you have put alot of faith into me to live vicariously through my crushing situations. this also helps my reservations. Thanks!

R. Jane: You have graced my blog with your presence and it will never be the same. remember how I lied or fibbed to you and Matt and some how it worked out and you are married... I could totally use some of those trickery skillz right now!

Megan: A kindred spirit found way too late. You know exactly what I'm feeling. your post about getting out through facebook, comforted me. Rest your soul, you've got a good head on your shoulders!

kisa: my conservative girl, always watching out for me,, making sure I'm not up to something too liberal!

McKeeth: My lovely sister, just smiles and I love her for that.

emma: did you ever think they would be a day without my name badge on. It rocks my world to know you know about my crushes or my non sister missionary side, I hope to never let you down! What Sarah Said,, pretty ironic song to play the first time you hang out with someone.


It's Me...shell said...

You're a sweet one to respond to each of us individually. The child is very cute and very much like a doll. Also, I sew quite well it's one of my only talents I'll admit to, and yes I have been paid to sew.

Cate and Kory said...

Oh Jenny! You are a dear and yes I agree... They made a doll. I need to see you soon!

Jackie said...

no shout out?!?! I'm offended to the fifth degree!!!! Kidding...maybe it's because we're always on the same page!!! we RELATE.....or at least I'll think that! ;) LOVE ya girl!