13 December 2008

I tread deep water

Once you’ve been tagged, you have to write a note with 20 random things, shortcomings, facts, habits or goals about you. At the end choose 20 people to be tagged and tell why you tagged them. You have to tag the person who tagged you.I was tagged through facebook but I am unsure how to post things so here it goes.

1-Fact: I am scared silly to live my life alone, which ironically, I have spent the greater percentage alone than existing with someone.

2- Fact: I feel bad or offer sympathy for most old or elderly people, but today I saw an elderly woman buying beer and my sympathy was swept away. As if getting old isn't already hard......Most senior citizens struggle to drive under no influence!

3-Habit: I have trained myself subconsciously to put all boys in the famous FRIEND ZONE. I just now realized how great this habit will be when I find that one, after the fact that I quit scaring myself silly!

4-I don't think I ever got "trunky" on my mission but the smell of green grass freshly cut, took my mind to an expansive box of molding memories: Soccer, Strawberry burns on my thighs, planting trees with my dad, mowing the lawn, running through golf courses at night a.k.a trespassing. Gap grass perfume? High school in general. There isn't much grass in Arizona and for this I am grateful.

5-I have a testimony that all uplifting music can be revelatory. I use uplifting loosely, because I feel like Ben Gibbard knows me better than 78% of my friends do.

6-My favorite color is Grey, not gray.

7- My family and some friends call me J.lee and I actually love it!

8- I memorized the proclamation to the family, and it was there when no one else was.

9- I have conditioned myself to like and almost love all foods.

10-I will have a lifetime goal to budget better, I always think handmade paper is a good investment

11- I dance alot,,, alone, with toddlers more and my 14 yr old brother the most, in his bedroom. I just want him to be that heart throb gentlemen we all went searching for.

12- I have seriously thought a couple friends were translated, all the dorm rooms were empty except me and Maren, it just didn't make sense. None of us had cars,, it was the only legit outcome for their disappearance.

13- I have ignored or disregarded or didn't act upon at least two promptings from the Holy Ghost, two situations where those people actually passed away very shortly after..... If it doesn't hurt anyone, JUST DO IT.

14-I can peel citrus in one peel and take pride in it.

15-For the most part I have almost overcome my shortcoming of sicking my foot in my mouth. i think?

16- I take too many risks! and encourage others to live after my reckless manner of happiness.

17- I would like to write a couple books, I just need to create outlines

18-I want to be the master of myself in all things, in all places and at all things, none of this situational junk.

19- I miss my mission terribly and the joy I experienced living my life behind that name badge. Sometimes I shut myself out to it because I know it is something I can never repeat word for word. I guess that goes for all things. But i felt Heavenly Father's smile upon my shoulder almost everyday and especially on the rough days. JOY: JesusOtherYourself

20-I've only heard of one person maybe dying from a broken heart.

So i tagged people through facebook and blogspot


It's Me...shell said...

I forgot about your paper making thing. Isn't your major something to do with that and making books?

Luke and Erin said...

HAHA! I have tried to peel things in one long peel, but I can not! You should take pride in it ;)

Stacie Marietti said...

I love that your citrus fruit talents. I really NEED you to write books. I write down Jenny quotes all of the time.

tallialli said...

Hooray for the British GREY. I love these quirky things that make us ourselves, and especially these things that make you you!

Katie said...

That was realy fun to read!!