25 December 2008


I was so invested in this labor of love that I'm holding back my tears now. I tried so hard for a 4.00 this semester and I fell short in one course, and I may or may not cry about it.

Merry Christmas...because it could always be worse...right?


Luke and Erin said...

My hubby hears that. It seems the harder he trys the worse it is. I know how disapointing it is! I am sad about that too, I hope you don't cry! Almost is better than not almost... I think ;)
I hope Christmas was fun for you!

carmar76 said...

Jenny, you ROCK! 4.0 or no 4.0, you are a smarty & don't you forget it! : )

It's Me...shell said...

It's ok lady! It's your party and you can cry if you want to. There's always next semester.;)

Stacie Marietti said...

Grades aren't as important as the things that you have learned this past semester. I love you!!