25 October 2009

My application for the Bachelors of Fine Art is up. I feed a friend some green and red curry and he helped me hang pieces professionally. He has alot of knowledge in curating so it was actually fun.

I will be posting pictures this week.

But you must know, I have been extremely happy lately. There are things I would like to change in my life, but even as I plan for those, I commend my good thoughts and happiness.

We are selling headbands like crazy. Okay not crazy, but the pace they are selling at is pleasing to me.

I am saving for Weber State Study Abroad program in Peru. It's May 27th and I may go to new york city to visit Karen and her husband, and the one and only Ms. Heiser.

I was also a nanny outside the city and I want to visit them as well. It has been 8 years and the boys I nannied are growing to be small men.

I have also been commissioned to photograph parts of Ogden, so I a prepping for that.

One of my professors commissions me to make greetings cards for her. Personalized and all.


This one is cut off only on my blog :(



Let me know if you guys need any cards made, or if you like these. They are 2.00 each.

Life is good.
I have no complaints. I have no ill thoughts and when I do, I usually stub my toe, which completely gives way to another thought process.

I am developing new plans to help people out more. Serving them in compliments, instead of just thinking how great they are.
I am serving to forget about all that is going on in my life.

It happens when you are my age and single, going to school, running businesses.

In fact my happiness can not be type out in words.

I am laughing alot, you know it. The laughing that evolves into stomach hurt crying.

I am building relationships with good people, friends.

Tell me about faith. I have it, but I want the faith of Abraham. I want the faith that deems a worthy sacrifice everyday.


Jackie said...

HA! STubbing your toe...laughing...and sneezing! :) I love you Jenny!