18 October 2009

Sabbath Thought

I am naturally happy and even enjoy being sad sometimes.
I think it is because those moments are in short segments.
I believe in smiling.
I believe in depth of character.
I believe our character is like a plant that
can only manifest itself as we cultivate it.

I still act up sometimes.
I say silly things, but the remorse is so
much quicker and for this I am grateful.

I really miss my missionary planner.
my life had a plan and it had a back up plan
and my life happened in increments of
3o minutes.

Most of my planners have tints of brown sweat left on them.
I worked hard, and I miss working hard. It's like I don't know
how to work as hard anymore.

I try but not every half an hour.


Kyle, Amy, and Joshua said...

I completely understand....and agree...

Stacie Marietti said...

Love Love Love these pictures and this post.