23 January 2010

Good Things are happening in my life..every single day.

A couple neat things:

-Yesterday I was in the Standard Examiner Newspaper..in a wedding dress... for the Bridal Fair, I think. i haven't seen it yet, I was just told.
I used to model wedding dresses for Dillards {pre-mission} maybe I'll post it, if I see it. section 2A

-My photograph design was chosen to be the cover of the Metaphor publication, which I have heard 25,000 people see it. So you will see that very soon.

-Student Art Show is up at Weber State, I submitted 5 items and 3 made it in and will be showcased. I am excited to see all the other student's work.

-I taught the great group of girls on my mission. 5 best friends, their story has a four page spread in the NEW ERA Article in February. Watch for that, I'm guessing there will be a frumpy sister missionary photo in there. I can't wait to read the story. The girls have remained close and I love them so! Page 43!

-My Dad's invention is patented and moving forward. It's a water storage unit built into your plumbing, so when disaster strikes,, you still have fresh water. {smart man if your asking me}

Lastly, I am so grateful for life, living, being cold and being sick and breathing. Each step is our own. every day is different and I appreciate it.

Enclosed is a photo of my sacred grove. This has a special place in my heart for so many reasons.

It's where I met so many good things.

Self Portrait


Kristin Breinholt said...

You are amazing! Last night we all talked about how much we wished you were here! Come back to AZ soon!

Amy said...

The famous or infamous Hansens! That is wonderful about all the publications! And great that your dad is so smart what a great idea!

Cate and Kory said...

I'm happy that life is so good for you! YOu are so great and deserve to be rewarded!! plus you work hard. :) i love your work. one day i am going to be calling you to take pictures of my little baby. ... once i have her in a few weeks.

It's Me...shell said...

Those are Very fun things! look at you in all sorts of publications.

tiffani. said...

this is such a beautiful picture!!! I love reading your blog! We miss you here in AZ!!!