20 March 2011

Why the move

Some of you may know that I spent 18 months
of my life living in Arizona as a missionary,
Sharing a message that brought me complete

I returned home to Ogden, my home town, 
and enrolled back in school and was accepted 
into the BFA program at WSU.
I fell in love with art again and again.
my emphasis is printmaking.

I was able to visit Arizona almost every ten weeks for 
the past 3.5 years. 
Whether it was
 a long distance relationship, 
a wedding of a convert,
visiting people I taught.
flying there & road tripping to 
Rocky Point, Mexico.
a spring break 
a vacation to H&M
or a simple family photo shoot.
I loved loved loved loved
every visit and imagined 
ways and reasons for me to live 
in arizona again.

As I have studied and researched possible programs
to pursue a Masters two schools 
surfaced: ASU and UMFA.

It seems as I prepared to head to the east coast,
I remained open for anything.

I love art, because everything else I love can be rolled
into art. But I also feel that art can be rolled into
everything else I love.

So with graduation coming in April, the doors kind of open.

The phone rang on a monday, the first week in 
January, with an invitation to come to arizona, 
for an experience of a lifetime, and it
just made sense to pursue it.

But i thought about it for a week or so, I weighed out 
some pros and cons...

It just seems to be the right thing for me to do
right now in my life.

I don't know exactly everything... but I know enough to trust the unknown.

The photo above is the backyard to where I will be living for a couple years.


Katie said...

Can I come visit?

Amy said...

Wonderful! My mom and Grammy grew up in Arizona and we went a lot when I was younger! I am excited for your new life down there. I hope you call every time you are in town and we can do lots of girls get togethers when you are back! Yeah!!!

The Hattons said...

yes please. i cant wait!! i love that you step into the unknown with such complete trust. cant wait to see whats in store for you in az. besides being hired to take my family photos lol

tiff and jay. said...

YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!! I am so excited.