10 March 2011

Wise words that changed my life.

When I returned home from my mission, I struggled to know what to major in..

I seemed to love so many different things. 

Creating things

I prayed about it... but more often than not,,, i thought about it..

I had just finished an internship at the State Capitol.

I turned to the Ensign for answers, and 

not to my surprise, behold:

words of a prophet
found here.

When I think about changes, I'm comfortable,
 Amongst the choices
 this "gem" I read, always anchors me.

I pay it forward to you..


Ashley said...

i seriously love this. i read this talk too and was sooo happy... i always think, "do what you think about, when you have nothing else to think about." wise counsel!

The Hattons said...

goodness i love. so much.