18 May 2011


Dear Jo,

Remember how you hate private blogs?

Remember how you hate people who only post videos on FB?

Remember how you and I laid on dedicated ground after church and talked about the mysteries of all things....

Remember the lesson on Honesty.... yeah... that one... it pretty much change the format on me making you a mix...

secret confession, I burnt the cd and had the paper printed out... I wrote why you needed each song....

But I'll let you be THE JUDGE, whether or not you want to buy the song..


Turning Tables by Adele

first of all... there is something to be said about acoustic, the rawness of Adele voice expounds the emotions of what this song is actually about...the piano just adds to the track... To play it safe, I try real hard to put no face behind the words... and when I fail... I just imagine the song about me...

click here if the video does not appear