06 May 2011

What if you wrote

everytime you could

NOT sleep

what if you wrote down your dreams

every night that you did not sleep.

Inception was a frighten reality for me to view.

I walked out of the theater wondering how they knew

I've let my past incept my dreams.

it was my way or keeping people alive and breathing...

only to awake with loss of breath and the cold reality of frost

that reminded me that I have a body...and they do not.

Since then I have tried hard to be the master of my thoughts

before I go to bed..

but to be honest... I still struggle.

One night I prayed to the Lord and told him I wanted to dedicate

my sleep to him....in gratitude for my life.

I slept to only dreamt, I was shot in the face and died.

The death I experienced emerged me to the light in my bedroom

where I awoke, in gratitude for the sound sleep and the day ahead of me.

But tonight, tonight was differently good.

The dreams I whipped up, are good things...that giddy my mind.

it seems I have been just as busy now, as I was while I was graduating.

a good thing I suppose.