10 May 2011

A tribute to Mother's

I just returned home from buying headband supplies.

I stop at the light and to the left was a homeless man.

With the sign in hand and all. I felt prompted to share with him.

I looked down, I had no dollars, no change.

I had two packages of un opened sugar free gum.

We made eye contact and he came over to my house.

I told him I didnt have any money at the time.

He responded as he grabbed the gum: "God bless you."

His sincere blessings had already been fulfilled.

I thought of my mother carting around 8 children in an 8 passenger van.

The windows were typically never able to fully "roll" down or open, so

we would just stick our arms and legs out of it.

You can imagine it, and if you are a reader who knows it...

you have witnessed it first hand.

About 15 years ago, we were travelling west on 3oth to exit to the freeway.

It was a monday night, we were going to a movie in Clearfield, sponsored by my grandpa's work.

We packed the goodies and jumped in the car.

We hit the last red light before the freeway, at which all 8 kids piled in saw a homeless man with a sign.

and he need our RED VINES. Quickly we rolled dollar bills up in pass along cards

and pass along cards rolled up with RED VINES.

We would slip it too him, through the tinted window... just a pair of small hands.

He accepted and it became a rare tradition we tried to re in act whenever we could.

My mom is cool like that... but I have never told her, this was reason # 234

Love you mom. happy mothers day.