20 July 2011


You must know I am so particular when I choose to read a book.
And on top of that, if I'm going to read a book,
I'm going to do it right, with pencil or marker in hand and straight line
to highlight and write in the margins.

Now you must be thinking....

What type of notes can you be writing in your Harry Potter book, or 
better yet Twilight series?????

How to fall in love with pasty people?

You see I have a small weakness,

I don't read fiction for the following reasons.

1. GB tells me: One's perspective is their own reality. Which kinda teaches me that
some people imagine things up. So why read books of others imagination when we have our own.
I do appreciate fiction, but it's last on my lists of books to read.
a. I was humbled in this thought, when I recently finished the book
Teach Ye Diligently by Boyd K. Packer, 
in which he states the importance of an imagination, helps us to make the intangible, tangible.

OK, okay, I agree. I'll work on it. but I move slowly, not in haste and will research the fic·ti·tious book that can belong on my list.

any referrals?

2. I love life and learning. The realness and reality that there is truth found everyday brings me a sense of hunger, and that quench is filled as I built relationships with others, which has been a result of the types and kinds of books I read.

3. Too much knowledge in the world, how do I even come to find what is best ?


So this is my preface, I'll be updating my blog, with reviews within reviews of the chapters and lines I read in the book. My retention should be higher.. All of ours should.