04 July 2011


Sensing Silence, 
I used to feel weakened.
But it seems this same silence
has moved me forward to
so many greater things.
I made this slide show,
before I jumped into video

Something about sound and text
has always moved my emotions

Anything is a Blessing
I bought my hair stylist breakfast.
I went to one of her favorite breakfast places:
The Hole in Roy,
They serve donuts and the breakfast sandwiches are made with
Homemade bagels and croissants.
I call ahead on my way out there, so the meal is hot and ready when I get there,
but as I am being rung up
 I decide to order more than she asks for.
And since I'm not eating out at any place with a drive thru or fast food,
I already know it isnt for me. 
____________I imagine it being a surprise for her______________
I drive back to the salon, 
As I drive, I think about my purpose 
In the salon today, We are trying to achieve “Heavenly Father blonde”
You know the color, the ones babies are born with and the sun kisses
Ever so lightly. yet it is so hard to obtain
with any type of license, or bleach.
But were attempting it anyways.
As I exit the freeway and roll up to 31st and Wall avenue in Ogden,
There are two turning lanes, and the far left is empty
And I see why,
 next to the emptiness,
there is a man, leathered by the sun,
ironically, his hair is light blond,
so similar to what I imagined for myself.
It looks perfect, but his hair is matted under his hat,
He has light blue eyes and he is thin as thin.
I quickly think of what I can give him as I pull up to a stop
in the far left lane,
(Last time I gave away some un opened packs of gum
To the resident of this corner)
But today, today was new day, new man,
And no gum. I look at the red light
 The red light becomes a tender mercy,
its for me to grow,

I turn off my music.

My heart is pounding a little harder now, for all I have is my hair dresser's breakfast.
Standing close to the curb, he holds a sign
it reads:
I fill a pit in my stomach,
my heart is now depending on my mind to make the best choice at this moment.
I rolled down the window.
I grab the drink and the straw:

"Do you like Dr. Pepper?" I ask him.
(I know my hair dresser sure does)
"Thank you." he responds.
His smile is soft.
The light is still red. 
I roll my window up.
I watch him, still holding the sign
he faces East toward the sunrise and lowers his head
His hands come together.

He looks as though he is thanking the Lord,
and in that moment, 
I wanted to join him, and thank the Lord
for the moment I learned that



Happy Independence Day


Erik and Candace said...

I love that Jenny, Anything Is A Blessing. I must remember that always. You are such a good person. You are such an amazing example to everyone you come in contact with. I love your posts, and your outlook. I can't wait to chat it up with you next Thurs!