26 July 2011


Bare with me, I have been told I think too much, 
which after thinking alot about it,
I dont think that is possible.

I'm 28 and not married. This is fine, but some days I want that life, the married life.
Other days, the ones spent in Peru, on the Inca Trail, and others spent running alone 
in the mountains, I could spent my mortality solo.

I graduate this past April, as a BFA student we are strongly encouraged to take a year off to build our portfolios and apply for an MFA,
In preparation for that  I decided to apply for some jobs outside NYC.

This was December 2010,
I was well received and anticipated moving there after I graduated College.
A month later, I received a phone call from a couple in Queen Creek, AZ.
(I served my mission here, and was cared for by so many good people)
They were asked to return to the mission field, but needed someone to water their
orchard and look after their property.

It seemed perfect. There are so many good guys down there.
The weather is my ideal.
CITRUS GROVE...serious.

The phone came at a time when I was totally open for change.

so with my application floating around NYC, I just pursued Arizona.

However, the more I fasted and prayed about where and what I wanted to do,
Arizona made less sense to me.

Once I was on the orchard, the 3 of us recognized this wasn't the BEST place for me in my life at this time with the goals that I am working towards.

AZ was plan A for 6 months now.
While in Tuscon, I followed up on my applications on the East Coast, to only here an
immediate response that was depressing. They said they hadn't heard from me in months and had thrown out my resume and application, but still remembered how strong it was.
They asked me to re apply and told me there was no openings.

So there went plan B.

What was Plan C? Living in Ogden. I did not want to do that.

I had spent the past 6 months, compiling a list of all my crushes,
giving them extra attention and ultimately asking them out
or making bold advances to them.

There was about 6 on this list, which all told me they were not interested.
I never even made it to first base... first base...being one date.
A free meal for them...

So I just took matters into my own hands.
I have no idea why I will be in 2 years, 5 years or tomorrow, 
but I have always tried to live accordingly and have never let myself down.

30 minutes after NYC rejected me, a company emails me, with two offers for a job.

They came after I pursued and after I thought there was nothing.

By Julyish I had made my choice to move East.

And so it is.

I'll be working for a family in Fairfield County, CT,

A train ride to the City,

I will be there until at least May, working part time,

and pushing my video, photo and headbands into the city.

As I pursue graduate school in WHO KNOWS WHAT?! Thats the next step.


Toni Marie said...

good luck!!

The Hattons said...

so exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CANT WAIT. so much awaits u lol