14 June 2008

Hoarding+Shopping Addiction= Revelatory Decorating!

Remember the principle about sharing your ideas and you'll receive more!
Well here is one for everyone and I'm wondering why I never thought of this earlier.
This design is a result of hoarding fine clothing shopping bags and a poor college students thinking.

I covered up the Ann Taylor trademark with stickers and scrapbook flowers.

Don't forget the extra ribbon that comes on new towels, blankets and other things!
Okay so I'm tagging everyone that sees this to give this a try. It doesnt have to be a bag, just branch out. I'd love an email with your results, or even better post them, I know that if you do share it, you'll receive more ideas!

P.S. The total cost of this project was ZERO dollars


Blake and Kacie Bennett said...

Hey good idea! I will try to think of something creative...if I do I'll let ya know. Hey are you heading back down here or white mountains? Which Temple?

jackie said...

Holy cow! What a great idea!!! I have a bag that I am going to do that with! Thanks for sharing your talents!!!!!!!

mike and maren said...

Neato. Was that used for a shower gift or something? Or just for fun?

Sister Jenny Hansen said...

A wedding shower i wasn't prepared for..