27 June 2008


These have been a hit in the mission. My little sister Karlee made some stencil and sprayed painted t-shirts and since my background is in Printmaking, naturally, I thought about paper and made my own. Missionaries I haven't formally met have asked their companions to ask me to send them a letter in these fanciful envelopes.

While I was in Arizona, the Mission Office Secretary, which I haven't met, said "OH Sister Hansen! Hello" She had never met me but heard lots about me and was intrigued when she saw these envelopes flowing through out the mission.

Many of you will receive these tonight, if you don't, and you would like one, send me your physical address and Ill send a surprise your way!
I think I'm going to sell them on Etsy!


Becky said...

Those are so originial and cute! I wish I was going tonight so I could get one! Unfortunately, I already made other plans :( Maybe I'll e-mail you my address and you can send me a letter (I love snail mail too-I'm sick of junk!!) Have fun tonight.

Erik and Candace said...

You should sell them! I had to work so I didn't get one either, dang it. How was the card party?
by the way-what is snail mail?

jackie said...

Love the envelopes! I can't stop looking at them! Thanks for coming it was way TOO MUCH FUN (he he...) and we'll do it again soon! So lucky to have you as a friend and I love..LOVE your personality!!

mike and maren said...

I think you have my address, so go ahead and send me one. How are things? I'm in AZ right now too. Enjoyed a good rain in the white mountains. You'll have to call me and let me know where you are.