23 April 2011

Pit Fall Number one

Something I learned at college:

 Don't overload with one professor. It's ever so tempting to take four or five courses with one professor, if you like him or her and are getting good grades in his or her courses it may make sense. But there's a pitfall: Exposure to too few points of view might stifle your development in the field. 

CHECK! That happened to me in one area...so I share to help others avoid pitfalls. 

In any case, I'm not a genius... but I think alot.


The Hattons said...

i love that you think alot and i love when you share what you think about. great insight jenners love u

Anonymous said...

You are wrong about one important point.....you ARE in face a genuine GENIUS! Jenny. Don't be so humble as to deny yourself that truth. Shout it from the rooftops, you are a genius and people would do well to listen to you. You have a world of knowledge to offer. Thanks for sharing it with me, I stand inspired.