06 April 2011

When I knew I needed to give.

When I was 11. I bought my best friend some balloons for her birthday.

I thought alot about what I could give her.

I wanted her to feel amazing and special.

I believe I spent my own money.

I delivered it.

At which point, she began to suck the helium out of the balloon.

I stood there as she sang and laughed in high pitch tones.

She deflated my sincerity and gift.

I told her off with my quick tongue, slammed the door and left.

Her mom called my dad. And I walked to her house with my dad.

He made me apology.

I wondered why.

I have always adored my father, 

but on this day, I hated my dad's decision to do that.

Later that night, he explained to me:

"When you give a gift to someone, its not yours anymore, if it's truly a gift, then it is must to be given, it is essentially that, given away."

If we are a giver, the choice to give is always,

Always the right one.

Who we give to and
When and
How we give is the emotional decision we make. It leaves us vulnerable, because we don’t know how they will receive it. or what they will do with it...

They may deflate it.


Elder Hales revisits this idea:

full article here

And in the moment, we will understand the grief and pain that encompasses the atonement.
To all those that reject that gift, that ultimate gift of giving and growth, miss opportunity to accept.
When we are ourselves don’t accept the giver or the gifts accompanied with the giver, we are the losers.
The Savior’s willingness to sacrifice his life, could never have been dependent on the fact that it would take thousands of years for people to appreciate and accept the gift, while all along the way, people reject it.

The principle of giving and receiving enables us to be more of who we should be. I feel blessed my father taught me something so young... I'm still learning from it.

Love you Dad, Happy Birthday


Your dad said...

Thank you Jenny. I love you and the great daughter that you are.

The Hattons said...

i love this! i never really realized that. when you give something you give it away. its no longer yours. i MUST meet your dad one of these days!!