30 April 2011

What makes your heart beat?

This past weekend I spent alot of time with Liz Frandsen (her site)

She shot my graduation photos (here)

And we have known each other for a bit, but because of school,

I haven't been able to play with other photographers in the way

I would have liked.

There are many reasons, Liz and I connect, but the one

I want to share with you is the following:

Liz is a lover to both her photography and her husband.

When the passion of those two combined... the following happens:

Click here

So one of the many common interest is helping clients portray who they are:

The following couple met in Japan when they were young.

Both of their father's served LDS missions in Japan and later re located with their families.

After a time, both families moved away... When Chris turned 19, he was called to serve

his mission in Japan.

After his mission, both families moved to Layton, UT, Where Cass and Chris

dated, loved blossomed and were married.

A huge connection and commonality they share in their marriage is

their love for Japan.

So it only makes sense to incorporate this into their shoot.

Who are you? What makes your heart beat?

Let's figure it out...document it.. and keep the memories near.

If you are already married.... and loved this video....message me!


ArizonaLewis said...

loved it.
domo arigato!
dewa mata.